Value Creation Process

MRI’s Unique Value Chain

As an enterprise dedicated to resolving challenges, the MRI Group has an orderly process for resolving society’s and customers’ issues. Taking an issue as our departure point, we begin the process with research to envisage how the future would be were the issue resolved and formulating that vision into recommendations. We then analyze relevant information and conceptualize ways to resolve the issue, design and test specific hypotheses, and finally move on to societal implementation—putting our solutions to work in the real world.

At the MRI Group we have leveraged our think-tank strengths to take on ourselves the role of a solutions-oriented business pursing the societal implementation of our recommendations through co-creation with customers and partners. Under our Medium-Term Management Plan 2023, and as an intermediary goal toward achieving our vision for the future, we aspire to first bring about a more resilient and sustainable world informed by individuals’ increased independence and greater geographic distribution coupled with greater coordination of their activities. Given the core competencies of the MRI Group, we feel best placed to effectively help tackle societal issues in five domains: healthcare, human resources, energy, MaaS (Mobility as a Service), and ICT. In addition, by leveraging the Group’s strengths, our endeavors work toward public, financial, and corporate digital transformation. We are also striving to strengthen our three forms of capital, the source of our value creation—human capital, intellectual capital, and relationship capital—which will work to further enhance our value chain.
Value Creation Process

Media Coverage

Newsweek published an article on Mitsubishi Research Institute and its original VCP model for resolving societal issues through business. The article appeared in Newsweek International on June 17th and in Newsweek Japan on June 21st. It features an interview with President Kenji Yabuta, highlighting the company’s full range of services for a variety of pressing issues. Specifically, the story examines examples from the DX, energy, and healthcare domains.

The article can be accessed at the links below, including translations from English and Japanese into the following three languages: Vietnamese, Arabic, and French.