Environmental Policy

Fundamental Principles

The Mitsubishi Research Institute Group aims, through its business activities, both to reduce burdens on the global environment and to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. The MRI Group aspires to be a leader in creating an economy that is in harmony with the environment.

Environmental Policy

The Mitsubishi Research Institute Group contributes through knowledge to building a sustainable society, as it complies with relevant laws and regulations and strives for continual improvements through the efforts of all its employees.

1. Advancing Sustainable Environmental Management

Our activities to reduce energy consumption, paper consumption, and waste generation contribute to conserving the global environment while also reducing unnecessary expenses.

2. Undertaking a Variety of Environmental Businesses

We contribute to conserving the global environment by expanding our product, service lineups, and businesses that contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

3. Contributing to Environment & Society by Providing Knowledge

We leverage our integrated strengths as a think tank to make leading environmental conservation recommendations as well as to undertake activities that contribute to the environment.
Enacted:July 10,2002
Revised 8th edition: December 17,2021

Kenji Yabuta
Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. 
ISO 14001 certification
MRI acquired ISO 14001 certification (the international standard for environmental management systems) in December 2002 to solidify its commitment to environmentally conscious business operations.