Contributing to Society to Co-Create the Future

At the Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) Group, we strive to create a brighter future by resolving societal issues through the creation of value for our customers and society. Our daily business activities underlie our contributions to society.
As a corporate group that places human capital at the core of its business, we undertake the following activities from the perspective of future co-creation: sharing our vision of the desirable future world and insights gained through our projects; cultivating future world leaders; providing endorsement and assistance to international organizations working to resolve societal issues.

Co-Creating the Future through Sharing Knowledge


As a publication that shares the results of our research & development activities, Phronesis provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the future to come. This enables readers to conjure their own detailed image of the path leading to the future. The magazine has recently been published under the following headings.

PHRONESIS 22: The 13th Human Species (April 2020)
No. Issue Title
Companies Chosen by the Future (September 2019)
New infrastructure theory: creating a smart future through “Interstructure” (March 2019)
Medicine in the 100-Year Life Era: Innovation to realize a patient-first model (September 2018)
A New Dimension of Food: An industry free from market saturation (March 2018)
The Birth of Smart Materials: Leading the material revolution and rapid social change (September 2017)

MRI Monthly Review

The MRI Monthly Review is a collection of concise, stand-alone articles covering a wide range of topics based on the knowledge and information gathered the company's research activities.

Media Engagement

As a venue for discussion with members of the media, we regularly hold our Media Conferences and multiple theme-based Media Workshops throughout the year to share MRI’s work pressing topics.
During the 2019 fiscal year, our annual Media Conference had 136 members of the media in attendance, and participants split up into eight theme-based groups for discussion (World Economy, SDGs, Biotechnology, AI, MaaS, Drones, World Expos, Open Innovation). A total of 14 Media Workshops were held during the same fiscal year with an aggregate total of over 300 participants.

Contributing to Regional Communities & Stakeholders

Contributing to Regional Communities & Society

Social contribution undertaken by individual employees covers a wide range of activities including community activities, school volunteering, and NPO activities. MRI also maintains a program to support employees involved in disaster-related volunteer activities. Group companies are also actively engaged in social contribution activities such as organizing workplace blood donations, collecting plastic bottle caps, reusing books, and providing used stamps and cards.

Keeping Stakeholders Informed and Engaged

We continually work to foster a deeper understanding of the MRI Group among all stakeholders including customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees and their families. For our customers’ senior management, we hold the Mitsubishi Research Institute Forum that focuses on topical themes. For employees and their families, we hold our annual Family Day event to build connections among employee families.

Contributing to Society through the Development of Human Resources

Future Co-Creation Class

MRI holds its Future Co-Creation Class to provide future leaders from among junior and high school students with opportunities to envision and draft an image of the future of their dreams. During the 2019 fiscal year, a total of five workshops were held providing the 267 participating students with ample opportunity for lively discussion.

Contributing to University Education

We send employees to universities and graduate schools as instructors with the aim of contributing to university education. In addition to hosting interns from universities within Japan (200 in FY 2019), we also host interns from universities abroad. In FY 2019, a total of ten students from UC San Diego, Stanford University, Oxford University, and Peking University participated in internships at our company.

Asia Research Fellow Scholarship Program

Since 2010, MRI has offered a scholarship program for international graduate students studying abroad in Japan. The program is intended to develop professionals who will contribute the development of 21st century Asia and lead future exchanges with Japan. The program has been open to students from the ten ASEAN member countries and India. Following the 2019 cohort, the program has been put on pause for its renewal.
In the years leading up to 2019, scholarships were provided to 23 students from seven countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, and Singapore. We will further facilitate exchange among former participants of the program and continue our activities to contribute to the development of countries in Asia as well as Japan.

Hosting of Employees from Local Governments, Central Ministries, & Corporations

MRI hosts employees from other organizations on secondment in order to help with mutual professional development. We currently host secondees from local governments, the central ministries, and the private sector. Secondees hosted at MRI work along-side our own researchers in carrying out surveys, studies, and other consulting work. Participants in the program also have a host of opportunities to engage in activities outside of the office from fieldwork and hands-on experience at a variety of locations and organizations to independent research projects.

Contribution through International Organizations

United Nations Global Compact

United Nations Global Compact

On April 19, 2010, MRI became the first Japanese think tank to become a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. In the 2018 fiscal year, 15 employees participated in eight subcommittees of the Global Compact Network Japan and served as organizers of the Creating Shared Value (CSV) and Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) subcommittees.
Japan Climate Initiative

Japan Climate Initiative

Since the 2015 signing of the Paris Agreement, non-governmental organizations around the world have played major roles in measures aimed at combatting climate change. The Japan Climate Initiative was launched in July 2018. MRI has participated in this organization since its inception.
The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)

In the 2018 fiscal year, MRI joined the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). The CGF is a consumer goods distribution industry organization with roughly 400 member organizations from 70 countries. By participating in the CGF, MRI is helping to resolve the societal issues targeted by the organization, such as environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and food safety.