KAHRAMAA Commissions Mitsubishi Research Institute to Streamline Electricity & Water Consumption
Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) seeks the consultancy of the Mitsubishi Research Institute to tackle consumption efficiency

Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation
Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.

December 12, 2013

DOHA, December 12, 2013  EFacing one of the highest per capita consumption of electricity and water in the world, the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation, KAHRAMAA, has made a strong commitment to streamline measures to tackle the issue. KAHRAMAA has sought the consultancy expertise from over 40 years of successful measures in energy conservation in Japan, throughout which the Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) has played an integral role in policy advisory.

"Since Energy Savings Act was enacted in 1979, Japan has achieved significant energy savings as a result of an array of systematic implementation of energy saving measures including energy management system, appliance standards, and energy efficient building codes E says Tetsuya Enomoto, a consultant at the Environment and Energy Research Division of MRI. "We believe that in this partnership we can provide Qatar the insight and expertise that we have accumulated in the Japanese experience. E/p>

"KAHRAMAA's mission is providing high quality and sustainable electricity and water for better living in Qatar. This mission is guided by a vision that by 2030 our people, assets and operations will set a global benchmark for performance, technological innovation, environmental sustainability and social responsibility in the electricity, water and district cooling markets, says KAHRAMAA's Conservation & Energy Efficiency (CN) Department Manager Eng. Ali M. Al Ali. As such, "This new endeavor with MRI reaffirms our steadfast commitment to energy efficiency and conservation E
"It extends upon the National Conservation & Energy Efficiency Program (Tarsheed) and will materialize its targeted reductions in electricity consumption by 20% and water by 35% over five years. This will cut costs in the billions for natural gas generation; contributing to a better living for the Qatari society. E/p>

Over the course of this study, MRI will analyze how energy is consumed in Qatar, set benchmarks, and quantify saving potentials. Factories, households, and commercial entities will partake in survey visits with the aim to understand how Qataris consume energy.

This will lead to an energy efficiency roadmap, a policy package with targeted time of introduction. One of the policies would be the creation of standards for appliances and building materials, and consequently Qataris will have wider access to such energy efficient products. The implementation of these policies in Qatar will surely result in tangible results in energy savings.


* About the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA)

Since it's inception in 2000, KAHRAMAA provides Qatar with electricity and water services and ensures sustainability and awareness among the Qatari people. This award winning State Corporation strives to enhance its services while following the best international and local standards.

* About the Mitsubishi Research Institute

Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI), Inc. is a leading research and consulting firm headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Established by Mitsubishi group companies in 1970 as part of 100th anniversary of the group's foundation, we are a front runner in the Japanese consulting industry. With more than 600 consultants (most of whom are masters or PhD holders), we have been committed to assisting our clients by developing solutions catered to meet their individual needs in virtually every sector from communications & IT, to transportation and infrastructure.

** As used in this document, "MRI Erefers to the "Mitsubishi Research Institute Eand "KAHRAMAA Erefers to the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation.

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