Fukushima Reconstruction: Current Status and Radiation Health Risks

  Nobuaki Yoshizawa, 4 others

Executive summary

Mitsubishi Research Institute conducted a questionnaire survey to understand the awareness of people in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and Fukushima Prefecture regarding the status of reconstruction in Fukushima and the effects of radiation on health.

Questionnaire survey results revealed that half of the residents of Tokyo are concerned about radiation-related health effects. It is necessary to impart the latest scientific knowledge and information to them. To address the issue of damage caused by harmful rumors, it is also desired to enhance awareness in order to shift attitudes from only: “I eat Fukushima food products myself” to: “I recommend them to family members and friends, etc.”

According to materials prepared by the Education Board of Fukushima Prefecture, one of the prioritized guiding principles of the radiation-related education program is to “enable students and children to impart information to others based on scientific grounds.” This would be of use as reference when people in Tokyo communicate appropriate information to others, including Japanese and those in international spheres, regarding the status of reconstruction in Fukushima as well as the effects of radiation.

We propose introducing programs in which students’ parents can also learn together with family members about the latest situation in Fukushima as well as the effects of radiation. In addition, due to the further extension of the education program to volunteers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, an understanding of the status of Fukushima is expected to be further developed.

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