Introduction and establishment of
think tank function in Japan

  • ・Mitsubishi Research Institute founded in commemoration of the centenary of the Mitsubishi Group (1970)
  • ・Began offering policy recommendations based on global perspective (joint research with Japanese, US, and European think tanks)
  • ・Introduced and utilized large-scale linear structural analysis program (NASTRAN) developed by US National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA)
  • ・Launched permanent multi-customer macroeconomic project
  • ・Developed global supply-demand models for food and ships
  • ・Diamond Computer Service (now Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS) was established

Participated in important projects
in Japan and overseas

  • ・Planning study for design of operation management system for the Suez Canal
  • ・Participation in advocacy for the establishment of Global Infrastructure Fund (GIF)
  • ・Research and development of artificial intelligence and expert systems
  • ・Began providing an information service as exclusive agent of National Technical Information Service (NTIS), US Department of Commerce
  • ・Introduction of CRAY-1 supercomputer

Expansion of public-sector policy
formulation support activities

Taking part in the Global Environmental Summit
  • ・Study on promotion of intelligent transport systems (ITS)
  • ・Study and research of global warming countermeasure policy
  • ・Development support for systems that use GPS data
  • ・Established Research Laboratory for Advanced Science and Technology to carry out experimental research
  • ・Established Global Environmental Research Center
  • ・Established Safety Engineering Research Center

Fully entered IT solutions business
for co-creating of future society

  • ・Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS converted into a consolidated subsidiary (2005)
  • ・Listing on second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (2009)
  • ・Human genome analysis research, etc., advanced scientific research and promoting industrial applications
  • ・Carbon emissions trading verification experiment
  • ・System integration for megabanks
  • ・Establishment of the Business Solutions Division
  • ・Establishment of a committee to make recommendations on the society of the future

Expand services through to
Societal Implementation
as Think & Act Tank

Maskar Multifunctional Fish Processing Facility in Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture
(Qatar Friendship Fund)
  • ・Listing on first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (2010)
  • ・Support for earthquake restoration projects
  • ・Participation in mega-solar power generation business
  • ・Testing & launch of AI-based chatbot service for local governments
  • ・Development and testing of regional digital currency business
  • ・Provided education and data management services
  • ・Launched Platinum Society Research Association and Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future