Assistance in Attracting Investment from Japanese Corporations

Complete support for activities tailored to meet the unique needs of Japanese corporations
More Japanese corporations are coming to view markets abroad as a new avenue for growth, but they are often apprehensive when investing. However, amidst recent clamor surrounding the New Normal, we expect an upsurge in Japanese corporations that contemplate diversifying their portfolios to reduce risk. The Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) provides government institutions and investment promotion agencies (IPAs) with support to effectively attract investments based on the needs of Japanese corporations and their global strategies in this new era.

Overview of Our Services

Many Japanese corporations currently view markets and business opportunities abroad as a venue for their advanced technologies and human resources to flourish. However, Japanese corporations feature a unique internal culture and mindset, at times resulting in apprehension toward entering foreign markets. Additionally, the global strategies of Japanese corporations are greatly affected by external factors from rapid growth in a new market to calamities such as the financial crisis of 2007–08 and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rather than arbitrarily promoting the merits of investment to these corporations, MRI recommends IPAs establish mutual communication with foreign corporations, crafting foreign expansion scenarios tailored to the business strategies of target corporations. Based on our experience in helping a wide variety of Japanese corporations design business strategies and expand abroad, MRI offers customers foreign expansion scenarios and advice for attracting investment that are in alignment with the perspectives of Japanese corporations.

Our services include: analysis of the strengths and weakness of IPA investment-promotion strategies in relation to the needs of Japanese corporations; identification of mutually beneficial areas for investment; and development of a detailed plan for approaching Japanese corporations. Through collaboration within the Mitsubishi Group, we offer additional support to our customers by planning and running events that educate Japanese corporations from a wide variety of industries on the aspects of investing in the customer’s country (e.g. seminars and study groups).
Source: Mitsubishi Research Institute

Our Services

1. Analysis of Japanese Industries & Corporations

We will draw up an outline of the current situation surrounding the structure and characteristics of industries in Japan, primarily those targeted by IPAs. This provides customers with accurate materials that are essential in determining the direction of their strategies to attract investment from Japanese corporations.

Benefits: Customers can understand the current state and characteristics of Japanese corporations that can only be found through studies conducted from a Japanese perspective.

2. Assistance Developing Client Strategies to Attract Investment from Japanese Corporations

Using our analysis of Japanese corporations and taking into consideration each IPA’s strategy, we support customers in designing detailed strategies and activity plans geared toward attracting investment from Japanese corporations.

Benefits: Customers gain a clear idea of how to approach Japanese corporations via strategies and plans customized for Japan that are based on the direction of the investment attraction strategy as a whole.

3. Support in Carrying Out Activities for Attracting Investment from Japanese Corporations

We provide support throughout all investment attraction activities: discussions for identifying potential target corporations, selecting target corporations, approaching said corporations, gaining an understanding of their needs, and follow-up after discussions.

Benefits: Approaching corporations from within Japan is more effective than doing so from abroad. Also, customers will be able to confidently enter discussions with Japanese corporations, being informed of their specific needs in advance.

4. Holding Events for Japanese Corporations

We offer support in planning and hosting seminars and study groups to educate a wide audience on the merits of investing in the customer’s country. We can tailor seminars to customer needs from those geared at a wide-ranging audience to limited or niche audiences. We are also able to arrange lectures for specific companies, with presentation by MRI researchers possible too, as a means to provide Japanese corporations with accurate information regarding investing in the customer’s country.

Benefits: Customers can gain access to a wide variety of Japanese corporations through the Mitsubishi Group network.

Highlights from our Previous Experience

  • Provided an Asian country with assistance in attracting investment from Japanese corporations in the next-generation manufacturing industry
  • Provided a North American country with assistance in attracting investment from Japanese corporations in the field of next-generation mobility

Frequent Questions

Question: What are MRI’s strengths in helping to attract investment?

Answer: We have advised multiple Japanese corporations expanding into foreign markets and have gained extensive expertise in the needs of these companies when investing abroad.

Question: Through what phases do you provide support?

Answer: We incorporate any phases of support that are needed according to a customer’s requests and situation.
Typically, we begin by holding discussions with the person in charge of investment activities to gain an accurate understanding of the customer’s target industries and needs. We then identify ways of aligning these needs with those of Japanese corporations and draft an outline strategy to attract Japanese investment. We follow through by providing close support in subsequent investment attraction activities such as identifying target corporations. Throughout each phase, we prioritize sufficient discussion with the customer to ensure satisfaction with the resulting strategies and plans.