Supporting Policy Formulation Abroad

The world currently faces a wide range of societal issues, while at the same time the number of issues shared between multiple countries is increasing. At the Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI), we strive to resolve societal issues around the world, identifying the issues faced by individual countries, applying the knowledge we have gained through policy formation in Japan, and making use of our network of Japanese corporations on a global level.

Overview of Our Services

Through years of experience in working with the Japanese government, MRI has developed broad knowledge in fields such as environment & energy, food & agriculture, infrastructure, and healthcare. We make use of this expert knowledge along with our network of technologically capable Japanese corporations to provide sound support to countries around the world in resolving their societal issues.

MRI is capable of taking on projects abroad from foreign governments, as well as projects implemented through the Japanese government. With a network of Japanese corporations and knowledge of their needs when expanding abroad, MRI acts as a bridge between Japanese corporations and governments abroad, stimulating industries both domestically and abroad by drafting and implementing foreign governments’ strategies to attract Japanese investment.
Source: Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Our Services

1. Study of Existing Policy and Issues

MRI will conduct a study of the current state of a variety of policies of governments outside of Japan and identify issues hindering effective administration.

2. Outline Future Policy

MRI will outline policies and programs that take into account local economic growth and societal issues and will make recommendations for their implementation.

3. Designing programs, support for administrative side of reform, support for capacity building

MRI will design a framework for appropriate and smooth policy implementation, while also providing support for administrative sustainability through monitoring and evaluation services.

4. Support for Implementation of Policy

We offer support for policy implementation such as developing management systems and introducing necessary cutting-edge technologies. We also provide assistance for activities such as the diffusion of policy and evaluation of effectiveness.

Highlights from our Previous Experience

  • The Consulting Service for the Project for the Development of Financial Market Infrastructures (Central Bank of Myanmar)
  • Comparative Benchmarking of Technology Development Strategies and Planning in Japan and Taiwan (Institute for Information Industry(Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute, Institute for Information Industry)
  • Energy Efficiency Roadmap Consultancy Services (Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation)
  • Support in Attracting Investments to Country “A” from Japanese Corporations (Country “A” Investment & Development Agency)
  • Study on the Advancement of the Energy Management System in the East Asia Summit Region (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, ERIA)