Total Consulting Leading the Way for Electricity and Gas System Reforms


There is a growing global trend to reduce costs of distributed energy resources (DER) and raise environmental awareness. Power and gas system reforms are changing the competitive environment of the energy industry. This is producing dynamic movement such as market trading, entry into the comprehensive energy business segment, the appearance of new power companies, and the reorganization of existing power companies.
Furthermore, renewable energy cost reductions and advances in storage battery technologies are enabling major paradigm shifts, from energy being provided primarily through large-scale power generation to a distributed power approach, and even on to renewable energy becoming a primary source of power. At the same time, the trend of digitalization, which is occurring in every industry, is continuing, requiring companies to take approaches that are unconstrained by convention.

Created value

MRI provides research and consulting services that help clients improve their competitiveness, leverage market transactions, and tackle issues such as DER penetration and digitization.
DER such as renewable energy sources and storage batteries are expected to see a dramatic rise in deployment, and MRI is assisting with adaptation to social changes and solving issues through a wide range of initiatives. These include consulting services such as support for the design of domestic regulation systems based on that of Western systems; support for energy company restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions; and support for business viability evaluation for individual power generation projects using unique simulation models developed by MRI. They also include the investigation of new businesses related to DER and power distribution networks

Quantitative analysis

MRI offers long-term market forecasting and grid analysis featuring scenarios customized to client needs. Through our electricity market models developed and operated in-house, we deliver information essential to market participants from wholesale electricity prices (JEPX) to CO2 emissions, capacity factors, and renewable energy curtailment rates. Please see the attached documents for more details.
The Power Business Value Chain and our Services