Code of Conduct

We will conform to this Code of Conduct, and conduct ourselves with both a high sense of ethics and a sense of responsibility towards the future. We will not overlook any infractions of this Code of Conduct.  We devote ourselves to:
  1. Integrity & Fairness
    We prioritize integrity and fairness, and always act in a socially accountable manner.
  2. Compliance
    We comply with all laws, regulations, and internal rules as well as respect societal norms.
  3. Respect for Human Rights and Diversity
    We reject all forms of discrimination and harassment, in keeping with our respect for human rights and diversity.
  4. Consideration for the Environment
    We aim to build a sustainable society, and give consideration to the environment.
  5. Respect for International Norms
    We respect international norms, aware that we are members of the international community.
  6. Separation of Public and Private Matters
    We clearly separate our public and private matters, never abusing our business position for personal gain.
  7. Rigorous Information Security
    We appropriately manage and rigorously maintain the confidentiality of all internal information and information that we obtain from outside the company.
  8. Integrity of Securities Trading
    We do not engage in insider trading, whether related to shares in our own companies or other listed companies.
  9. Respect for Intellectual Property
    We actively develop and utilize our intellectual property while respecting that of others.
  10. Non-Association with Anti-Social Forces
    We remain resolutely committed to opposing anti-social forces and to blocking any relations with such forces.
  11. Anti-Corruption
    We neither offer or accept bribes nor engage in any action that could be construed as corruption, resolutely maintaining our transparency as a responsible corporation.