Non-Financial Value (societal issue solution capabilities + ESG)

Definition of the non-financial value pursued by the Group

We have defined societal issue solution capabilities and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives as the non-financial value that we should pursue with a view to the Group's future vision. Societal issue solution capabilities are the result of our knowledge, human resources, and co-creation infrastructure. ESG initiatives must serve to fulfill the Group’s corporate social responsibilities and achieve sustainability.
The Group's non-financial value system
The Group's non-financial value system

Societal issue solution capabilities

  • Knowledge (Intellectual value)
    We will enhance our core competencies as a comprehensive think tank group leading to societal implementation and social presence, including our research & recommendations and knowledge and intellectual property gained through our work.
  • Human resources (Human value)
    Human resources are our greatest asset as a company. We will strive to recruit and develop the high-level professionals who are indispensable for resolving societal issues and achieving business growth. We will also and enhance our foundation and working environment to enable them to develop their careers, take advantage of opportunities of growth, make use of their abilities and achieve sustainable growth.
  • Co-creation infrastructure (Relationship value)
    There are limits to what the Group can achieve alone. In order to actualize the collective impact of working to resolve societal issues through the cooperation of various parties, we will continue to build and operate our industry-government-academia network with our company serving as a bridge and our platform for co-creation with partners.