Features of the MRI Group

Problem-Solving through Integrated Strengths

The problems faced by clients and society itself are becoming increasingly complex and diverse, making it difficult to solve them by leveraging individual fields and functions alone. The MRI Group possesses high-level professional strengths in the think tank service, consulting services, and ICT solutions fields, and synergistically combines them to produce integrated strength which is our greatest feature.
The uinique value that our Group can provide

Diverse Professional Strengths

The MRI Group has numerous versatile and highly skilled professionals. The MRI Group provides clients with optimal solution measures by making use of its broad-ranging think tank research track record, as well as using diverse methods in consulting services and ICT solutions. We also actively leverage leading technologies, systematically developing human resources based on close observations of societal and technological trends.

Leveraging Integrated Strengths

The MRI Group maintains a well-balanced set of specialized capabilities in the areas of think tank and consulting services, and ICT solutions. We provide these in a centralized and consistent form in order to solve challenges. One of our strengths is that we are able to combine diverse professional strengths and provide them as consistent solutions.This is the wellspring of our integrated strengths.
The ability for any one organization to meet the world's increasingly diverse needs is limited, and attempting to take on all challenges alone results in decreased efficiency.
This is why we also work with outside partners to bring even greater integrated strengths to bear. We also increase our ICT solution function diversity, handling capabilities, and product development strengths by working not only with Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS, but also with our capital and business partner, Japan Business Systems, Inc. and others.

Highly Skilled Professionals

The MRI Group’s most important management resource is our diverse line-up of highly skilled professionals. In addition to their exception skills and expertise in their fields of expertise, they have broad perspectives, encompassing social and technological trends, to develop solutions.
At MRI, professionals in fields that include medicine, nursing, welfare, regional revitalization, the environment and energy, disaster prevention and safety, space science and advanced technology, and ICT and big data engage in multidisciplinary collaboration.
Professionals working for Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS have broad experience in information systems and project management and are able to reach solutions for ICT-related problems.
Research Areas of Specializaion, ITEE Qualificaions