Features of the MRI Group

The source of the MRI Group’s value creation is our employees’ advanced expertise, the knowledge we have acquired through many years of research & development and contract-based projects, and diverse networks within and outside the company group. We harness the integrated strength provided by these sources to offer new value to customers and society.

The source of the MRI Group’s Value Creation is based on three forms of non-financial capital

High-level professionals

The first is our Human Capital: professionals with specialized knowledge and experience who provide value to our customers that is rooted in their mission to resolve societal issues and a sense of responsibility to help shape the society of tomorrow.
High-level professionals-1
High-level professionals-2

Extensive knowledge amassed through decades of experience

The second is our Intellectual Capital: we have accumulated knowledge and knowhow through years of providing services to a variety of public and private-sector customers and through our own research & development activities.
Extensive knowledge-1
Extensive knowledge-2

Diverse networks within & outside the MRI Group

The third is our Social Capital: with an extensive network comprised not only of the MRI Group and partner companies, but also the public sector, corporations, startups, and academia, MRI is able to connect these diverse entities to promote co-creation.
Diverse networks-1
Diverse networks-2

Applying the MRI Group's unique integrated strength

These three forms of capital provide the source for our distinctive integrated strength. This integrated strength gives MRI the capacity to address any issue, the ability to provide broad-ranging value from Research & Recommendations to Societal Implementation, and the capability to innovate through new combinations of knowledge from a wide range of fields.
  1. We have the integrated strength to respond to all issues and needs of our customers and society. We cover diverse business areas and provide optimal solutions to customers' issues.
  2. We have the integrated strength to provide a broad scope of value through our full range of services from Research and Recommendations to Societal Implementation, including a wide range of ICT solutions.
  3. Our integrated strength enables us to promote new combinations of existing knowledge, the basis of innovation. We have established an ecosystem that drives innovation through the participation of diverse constituents.