Medium-term management plan 2023

Transformation over the Course of MP2023

MP2023 calls on us to optimize our value chain (Value Creation Process) for fulfilling our role as an enterprise that resolves societal issues. Doing so will raise the level of value we provide while facilitating sustainable growth. It is also why we will be advancing management in collaboration with the Group and our partners.

In addition, we are strengthening our until-now inadequate Coordinated Management by bolstering and expanding our Digital Transformation (DX) and other growth businesses while fortifying our fundamental core competencies and business resources. Leading transformation into the post-COVID world, we will be accelerating business and structural change by applying our VCP across its full range from research and recommendations to societal implementation. Grounded in our basic policies, we will advance transformations in five areas; specifically, our growth businesses, core businesses, and think tank function and—in terms the business resources available to management—the two domains of human resources & corporate culture and management systems.
A Societal Solution Company
* VCP: Value Creation Process

Creating Value as a Societal Solution Company

Under MP2023 and in parallel with enhancing and integrating our human capital (high-level professionals), intellectual capital (broad base of empirical knowledge), and relationship capital (diverse networks in- and outside the Group), we will work to generate social value (resolve societal issues), non-financial value (qualitative growth of individuals and organizations), and financial value (business growth) in our aim to maximize synergies among these three types of value. We seek to generate value for society (social value) by pursuing our vision for the future (societal KPIs) through focus on the Healthcare, Human Resources, Energy, MaaS, and ICT domains and solid business results (business KPIs). In this process, non-financial value is generated through the qualitative growth of individuals and the organization, resulting in higher ordinary profit and ROE (the creation of financial value). In this way MRI generates new value by reinvesting the capital accumulated through these activities back into our corporate activities. This cyclic chain reaction of value created creating more value enables us to provide social value of greater impact and help bring about a resilient, sustainable world while continuing to grow MRI as an enterprise.
Creating Value as a Societal Solution Company