MRI to Launch an "Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future"


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Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) is pleased to announce that as a new endeavor, it has begun preparations for the launch of a platform, tentatively named "Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future," which will identify a multitude of societal issues as well as provide solutions by utilizing innovative ideas and technologies from the perspective of creating an affluent and sustainable world.
The world of the 21st century is confronted with a wide variety of societal problems, ranging from an excessive burden on the global environment to increased social costs for aging populations, unemployment among younger generations, and a widening gap between rich and poor. The most challenging theme in this century is to solve and overcome these problems as well as to create a sustainable world where 10 billion human beings can enjoy safe and fulfilling lives.

While excessive dependence on financial and monetary policies in developed countries has been continuing since the devastating financial crisis in 2008, recently there have been blinking signals of economic slowdown in some emerging countries. Under these circumstances, it is obvious that sustainable solutions are unlikely to be generated by simply doing what worked in the 20th century and relying on limited resources such as material, money and energy.

MRI believes that ideas and knowledge of unlimited sustainability and possibility will become the driving force of solutions for societal problems in the 21st century and with innovative technologies, especially maximizing the utilization of ICT, ground-breaking solutions will be produced. In other words, this signifies the shift from atoms to bits, meaning "solutions by innovation" as well as innovation in problem-solving methodology.

Although Japan is rich in advanced technology, talented people and high-quality capital, these resources are not being optimally harnessed. The world's third largest economy lacks the intellectual and societal ecosystem to forge innovations and create new value by combining and integrating its considerable resources.

This is why MRI has proposed the launch of a platform for open innovation that we call the "Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future," which will encourage solving the complex issues society faces through robust collaboration among industry, government, academy and private citizenry, working together to share and develop best practices. Preparations have begun for full-scale activities to commence in January 2017. We aim to establish an unprecedented network for co-creation as well as an eco-system for innovation by making full use of a wide range of resources within MRI group companies and also across our human network at home and abroad.

In order to promote the Innovation Network, we will be advised by distinguished experts in Japan and the U.S. including the Chairman of the Institute, Dr. Hiroshi Komiyama. In addition, a "Business Idea Contest" will be held as part of the preparations. We have set "Wellness" as the theme of the societal issue this year and will collect ideas for healthcare innovation from all over the world, not limited to Japan. (The guidelines will be released at the following URL on June 27, 2016.)

MRI will actively continue to play assessment and supporting roles for ideas through our deep experiences and know-how accumulated over 40 years as a leading think tank in Japan.
Figure: Ecosystem of "Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future"

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