President Kenji Yabuta Interviewed in Newsweek

A unique business model for tackling the world’s challenges

Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Newsweek published an article on Mitsubishi Research Institute and its original way of resolving societal issues through business—its value creation process (VCP). The article appeared in Newsweek International on June 17th and in Newsweek Japan on June 21st.
Covers and Portions of Newsweek International Issue and Newsweek Japan Issue
Covers and Portions of Newsweek International Issue and Newsweek Japan Issue
The full-page piece highlighted an interview with President Kenji Yabuta, speaking about the company’s full range of services for a variety of pressing issues. Specifically, the story examines examples from the DX, energy, and healthcare domains, where the company publishes radical policy recommendations and follows through with the proposed solutions itself.

Further, Yabuta speaks on the company’s burgeoning initiatives abroad. He calls out to growing companies trying to tackle societal issues around the world saying, “… [we] would like to work together with companies that are interested in expanding their businesses in these fields within Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.”

The article can be accessed from the page below, including translations from English and Japanese into the following three languages: Vietnamese, Arabic, and French.

About the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

The Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (MRI) is one of Japan’s foremost think tanks. MRI, commemorating the 50th year since its founding in 1970, has half a century of experience in providing public and private sector clients with research and consulting services over a wide range of fields, such as energy, environment, health care, and ICT. MRI has supported Japan’s rapid growth and establishment of the country’s advanced policy and infrastructure. The Company’s researchers can provide clients both within Japan and abroad tailor-made insights based on their expertise and a broad network across Japan’s leading fields. MRI will continually envision a desirable future, resolve societal issues, and lead change in society to co-create a sustainable and abundant future.
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