Message from the President

President and Representative Director  Kenji Yabuta
Mitsubishi Research Institute launched in 1970, and we took to solving societal issues in the 50 years since. We craft solutions by leveraging our definitive strengths, like our network spanning industry, government, and academia, our deep understanding of public policy, and our scientific expertise in cutting-edge technologies. Our Medium-Term Management Plan 2023, which started alongside the renewal of our management philosophy in 2020, came to a close in September, and we have set off on Medium-Term Management Plan 2026 (MP2026) in October. The next three years will add further growth as we continue along our fundamental trajectory.

We akin the shifting seasons of the ten-year span leading up to 2030 to the three phases of the triple jump: the hop, step, and jump. Our latest management plan, MP2026, corresponds to the step phase, in which we make concrete moves toward achieving our vision for 2030. Here, we have reorganized around four main business fields: our think tank function, societal and public innovation, digital innovation, and financial system innovation. We are developing each to offer comprehensive services, those that cover the full range of activities needed for innovation, while we strengthen the management foundations that underpin the entire group. We are also building up unique value-creation models for strategic domains across the Group.

We, as a corporate Group, strive to be an entity that solves societal issues. We have designated digital transformation, green transformation, and human resources as priority areas for creating social value, and by establishing a positive cycle of financial, non-financial, and social value, we can also raise our corporate value.

We cannot achieve these efforts within the Group alone; we work hand in hand with diverse partners in Japan and abroad. All this backs our commitment to co-create a prosperous and sustainable future.

Thank you for taking part in the journey.

October 2023

Kenji Yabuta,

President and Representative Director, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Kenji Yabuta,President and Representative Director, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.