Message from Management

President and Representative Director  Kenji Yabuta
I took on the role of president and representative director in December 2021. The Mitsubishi Research Institute was founded in 1970, and we have taken part in resolving issues faced by clients and society at large through our strengths: a wide public–private–academic network, a focus on policy, and expertise in advanced technologies. In 2020, commemorating the 50th year since our start, we renewed our guiding principles honing our vision and mission.

We set off on our Medium-term Management Plan 2023 the same year. Under this plan, we are refining the value offered by our Think Tank & Consulting Services and Financial Solutions segments, the activities that comprise our core businesses; fortifying our policy-recommendation capabilities as a think tank; and conducting upfront investments in growth areas such as our digital transformation, subscription, and global businesses.

We have centered the Group’s management on our value chain, forging new pillars for business and sources for revenue, as a unique way to resolve societal issues. Our value chain doubles as our own process for creating value and our work spans all phases from research and recommendations to the real-world implementation of solutions across fields such as human resources, mobility, and energy.

While there is only so much we can accomplish on our own, through collaboration and business alliances with diverse partners in Japan and around the globe, we will maximize our collective impact and help build a more resilient and sustainable world—a reality we are excited to bring to all.

December 2021

Kenji Yabuta,

President and Representative Director, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Kenji Yabuta,President and Representative Director, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.