Workshop on CO2 cross-border transport and storage (CCS) in Asia and the Pacific

JOGMEC-METI- Asia CCUS Network Joint Workshop

Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

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In April 2021, Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC) formulated the "Carbon Neutral Initiative” which sets forth policies for strengthening Japan's energy security and addressing climate change. JOGMEC has launched various projects with the aim of ensuring energy security and contributing to a decarbonized society. In particular, JOGMEC positions carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) as a technology that would contribute to the stable supply of energy resources and the realization of carbon neutrality by 2050. The organization intends to accelerate its efforts to support domestic and international CCS projects promoted by Japanese companies and strengthen international collaboration with particular focus on ASEAN.

While CCS is being considered worldwide as an essential technology for achieving net zero emissions and decarbonizing the industrial sector, one of the challenges is the uneven distribution of suitable storage sites. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to have sufficient storage potential, and like in Europe, cross-border CO2 transport may become an important business model in Asia in the future.

As part of these efforts, in collaboration with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Asia CCUS Network, JOGMEC will hold a workshop aiming to contribute to the social implementation of CCS, including cross-border transport of CO2, in the Asia-Pacific region through lectures by experts and discussions among stakeholders.

Overview of the workshop

February 8, 2024(Thu)
Morning Session: JST:10:00-12:50 (UTC+9), WIB: 8:00-10:50
Afternoon Session: JST:14:00-16:35 (UTC+9), WIB: 12:00-14:35
*The seminar has ended.

Online (English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be provided)

Hosted by
Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Asia CCUS Network

Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (MRI)
Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Asia CCUS Network


*The descriptions below are the contents (topics) of the lectures, not the titles of the lectures.

*There is a possibility that the agenda may be changed.

Morning Session 10:00-12:50

Opening address 10:00-10:05

Koji Yamamoto

Vice President, Energy Business Unit
Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC)

Keynote Speech 10:05-10:20

Japanese CCS Policy and Overseas Collaborations

Norihiko Saeki

Director for CCS Policy
Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI)

Presentation material

Presentation 10:20-12:05
Theme: Legal frameworks and issues related to CCS business promotion and cross-border CO2 transport

(1) Overview of CCS and CO2 transboundary transportation projects around the world

Ian Havercroft

General Manager
Global CCS Institute (GCCSI)

Presentation material

(2) Status of Studies on CCS and Cross-Border CO2 Transportation in ASEAN's Energy Transition

Beni Suryadi

Manager, Power, Fossil Fuel, Alternative Energy and Storage Department
ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE)

Presentation material

(3) Relationship between transboundary CO2 transport and regulations such as the London Protocol

Guy Dwyer

Counsel, Ashurst

Presentation material

(4) IPCC Guidelines

Hiroyasu Konno

Partner, Nishimura & Asahi (Gaikokuho Kyodo Jigyo)

Presentation material

(5) EU legal framework for transboundary CO2 transport

Ingvild Ombudstvedt

CEO and Lawyer, IOM Law advokatfirma

Presentation material

Panel Discussion 1 12:05-12:50
Presenter of the Morning Session & JOGMEC

Kikuko Shinchi

Research Director, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Afternoon Session 14:00-16:35

Presentation 14:00-15:45
Theme: Current situation of CCS projects with cross-border CO2 transport and its challenges

(1)Project Introduction 1: Status of Studies in Asia

Nor A'in Md Salleh

General Manager, Carbon Management Division
Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)

Presentation material

(2)Project Introduction 2: Status of Studies in Asia

Akihiko Takao

Assistant General Manager, Business Development Department, New LNG Venture & Marketing Division, Natural Gas Group
Mitsubishi Corporation

Presentation material

(3)Project Introduction 3: Status of Studies in Scandinavia

Baris Dolek

Shipping and Commercial Manager
Northern Lights JV

Presentation material

(4)Initiatives by Transportation Operators

Masatoshi Numano

General Manager, Offshore Unit Integrated Tanker & Offshore Projects, Headquarters of Energy Business
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.

Presentation material

(5)Initiatives by Emitting Businesses Operators

Taisuke Horimi

Executive Counselor, Green Transformation Development Sector
Nippon Steel Corporation

Presentation material

Panel Discussion 2 15:45-16:30
Presenter of the Afternoon Session & JOGMEC

Satoru Takahashi

Director, Global Coordination Division, Hydrogen and CCS project Department
Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC)

Closing Address 16:30-16:35

Keisuke Miyoshi

Director General, Hydrogen and CCS Project Department
Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC)


Masumi Takanashi

Project Director, Hydrogen and CCS Project Department, Energy Business Unit,
Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC)

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Targeted Audience
Those who are interested in CO2 cross-border transport and storage and those who are involved in the CCS business.


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