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The Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (MRI) is a Japanese think tank, founded in 1970 to commemorate the centenary of the Mitsubishi Group. Our mission is to resolve societal issues both in Japan and throughout the world through our think tank, consulting, and ICT capabilities.

We employ roughly 800 researchers with high levels of expertise in a broad range of fields, particularly in the natural sciences, and with exceptional technical and analytical abilities. We stringently maintain a neutral position which has enabled us to develop an extensive, interdisciplinary network with members of industry, academia, and government. We act as a hub connecting all sectors to overcome increasingly complex societal issues. We provide integrated solutions that encompass everything from conceptualization to realization and implementation.

Middle East Regional Office

We offer the following services through our unique network of partners and collaborators.

1. Support for Policy Formulation and Implementation

  • Background: In response to evolving industries and trends among the international community, the Middle East is putting into place new policies in areas such as climate change, renewable energy, and circular economy
  • Service: We will use our experience and knowledge gained in Japan to assist the Gulf states in the formulation and implementation of policy that addresses these challenging areas

2. Full Package Solutions

  • Background: The transformation of industries requires solutions that package the right technologies, information systems, and training in order to ensure that governments can effectively craft and carry out necessary policies
  • Service: Through deep discussion with our local client governments, we will identify the challenges at hand and bridge all parties involved in putting together, launching, and operating the ideal packaged-solution including: the Japanese government, managing bilateral cooperation; Japanese corporations, offering advanced technologies; and local corporations, offering extensive business networks in the region
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Message from the General Manager

General Manager,
Takashi Endo,
General Manager,
Middle East Regional Office
Japan imports about 90% of its Crude Oil and 20% of its natural gas from the oil-producing countries of the Gulf including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. The Gulf states and Japan enjoy a mutual relationship; the resources from the Gulf states support the Japanese economy, and the purchases from Japan support the economies of the Gulf states. However, this mutually-dependent, resource-import relationship faces a period of transition in adjusting to global climate-change measures. The Gulf states and Japan must together forge a new way forward, building a green economy to achieve sustainability.

The Gulf states have made diversifying their industries a primary goal and have in recent years honed in on transforming their economies by 2030. The trend for decarbonization serves to further spur on these initiatives. I believe that dynamic change is in store for the next decade leading up to 2030 and that business opportunities will abound as a result.

We, the Mitsubishi Research Institute, established our Middle East Regional Office to take part in this dynamic transformation and collaborate on major, long-term initiatives. The first Japanese research and consulting firm to establish a location in Dubai, we will use this office as a base to support governments in the region undertaking initiatives to transform economy and society. By utilizing our vast network of Japanese corporations with advanced technologies and solutions, we help ensure that the region’s goals become reality.

As General Manager of our office in the Middle East, I strive to build initiatives with government clients and corporate partners to contribute to sustainable development on a global level. I look forward to working with those who share such ambitions.

Our Work in the Middle East

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Please reach out with any questions or ideas—we are happy to help. We are located in on the third floor of the Gate Village Building 4 in the Dubai International Financial Centre, the heart of Dubai’s financial sector—feel free to stop in if nearby.

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-Address : Unit 23, Level 3, Gate Village Building 04, Dubai International Financial Centre, P.O. Box 507032, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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