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The Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (MRI) is a Japanese think tank, founded in 1970 to commemorate the centenary of the Mitsubishi Group. Our mission is to resolve societal issues both in Japan and throughout the world through our think tank, consulting, and ICT capabilities.

We employ roughly 800 researchers with high levels of expertise in a broad range of fields, particularly in the natural sciences, and with exceptional technical and analytical abilities. We stringently maintain a neutral position which has enabled us to develop an extensive, interdisciplinary network with members of industry, academia, and government. We act as a hub connecting all sectors to overcome increasingly complex societal issues. We provide integrated solutions that encompass everything from conceptualization to realization and implementation.

Hanoi Representative Office

We offer the following services through our unique network of partners and collaborators.

1. Assistance in Attracting Investment from Japanese Corporations

  • Background: Effectively attracting investments from abroad requires investment promotion agencies to establish mutual communication with foreign corporations and to tailor their foreign expansion scenarios to the business strategies of target corporations
  • Service: Based on our experience in helping a wide variety of Japanese corporations design business strategies and expand abroad, we offer customers foreign expansion scenarios and advice for attracting investment that are in alignment with the perspectives of Japanese corporations

2. Support for Policy Formulation and Implementation

  • Background: In response to evolving industries and trends among the international community, Vietnam is putting into place new policies in areas such as healthcare, the environment, energy, transportation infrastructure, and digital transformation (DX)
  • Service: We will use our experience and knowledge gained in Japan to assist Vietnam with formulation and implementation of policy that addresses these challenging areas

3. Business Platform to Resolve Societal Issues

  • Background: Vietnam requires a platform through which businesses are continually created that resolve societal issues. Such a platform is possible through co-creation utilizing the strengths of both Vietnam and Japan’s respective public and private sectors
  • Service: We will orchestrate collaboration across the public sector, private sector, and academia of both Japan and Vietnam, thus creating new businesses that directly tackle local societal challenges; we too will consider investing our own capital in the resulting businesses
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Message from the General Manager

General Manager,
Ryosuke Ogata,
General Manager,
Hanoi Representative Office
Vietnam is the center of attention for many Japanese corporations thanks to its high rate of economic growth, particularly impressive for the region. However, many issues have also surfaced spanning fields such as healthcare, the environment, energy, and transportation infrastructure. Vietnam is faced with the formidable challenge of simultaneously achieving economic growth and resolving societal issues.

The Vietnamese government has set the goal of becoming a developed country by 2030 with a GDP per capita of 18,000 USD. Concurrently, in light of worldwide trends toward sustainability, the government has set their sights on improvement of quality and effectiveness of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), specifically promulgated in the 50th decision of Vietnam’s politburo in 2019.

These two goals are of utmost importance for Vietnam and represent the field of sustainable growth, what we see as a mutually beneficial business opportunity for many Japanese corporations. We envision a Vietnam where Japanese corporations too contribute to ensuring the country’s economic growth and resolving societal issues, thus achieving high-quality growth. Japanese corporations will see growth in their own international competitiveness; we believe that such a virtuous cycle for all is possible.

Vietnam overflows with ambition as there is a widespread belief that an even better life waits around the corner. Naturally, the path to that future holds both ups and downs; we are eager to work together in creating new businesses and forging the way forward to that brighter future.

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The Representative Office of Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. in Hanoi City
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-Tel. : +84-24-7101-4240
-Address : 601, 28A, Tran Hung Dao, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Viet Nam
We are located on the sixth floor of the Space Belvedere Building, right in front of the Ministry of Finance. The office, at the intersection of the Tran Hung Dao and Phan Chu Trinh roads, includes a café and open spaces on the first and second floors; the setting is great for meetings. Please stop in if nearby.
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